Gentian and Brandy

La Gentiane

The roots of Franche-Comté. Exceptionally fine, this Gentian brandy is distilled from yellow gentian roots torn off during autumn alone.

Eaux de vie Gentiane

15 kilos of roots are needed to produce 1 liter of alcohol, and knowing that these roots only grow from 800 meters altitude and are only harvestable after 7 to 10 years of maturity of the plant, This explains the rarity of this water of life strictly regulated by French law. 

The mixture of water and roots will allow a fermentation of 6 weeks which will provide the alcohol needed for the double distillation of gentian brandy. No other alcohol is added to fully restore the typical bitter and sweet taste of gentian. 

The woody nose, the aromas of roots and the extreme length in the mouth of gentian brandy make this unique drink never leaves indifferent, we adore it or we hate it. Gentian is a high-end product that appreciates its true value. Known for its digestive virtues, the Gentian will perfectly conclude your tastings and meals!


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